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Skyrim VR stuttering

Level 2
So last night was my first time getting to know PCVR and how to get it to work, hopefully this helps someone. I bought Skyrim VR and Virtual Desktop and thought thats all I needed, tried to play skyrim, wouldn't work, looked it up and I needed SideQuest. Alright so I downloaded that. SideQuest couldn't detect my headset so I looked it up, guess you have to connect the computer to the headset itself, I did that and SideQuest recognized my headset, perfect. Still wouldn't load skyrim, so I looked that up and I downloaded SteamVR. After that SteamVR wouldn't even work at all because I needed to download the Oculus Quest software onto my computer so I downloaded that and FINALLY, after restarting my computer, connecting the headset to the computer again to detect my headset, then enabling wireless mode, removing the cord, booting up virtual desktop, getting into steam vr and going into Skyrim, IT WORKED. Butttt...... every second, it stutters, look around and it'll sometimes judder or hitch, its definitely not in any way unplayable, but it ruins immersion and I also dont want everything to be so ugly blurry, but right now, smooth gameplay is all I care about. I havent done anything with the settings except I turned off dynamic resolution in game, and tried messing with latency and framerate settings in virtual desktop menu. I have an MSI Gf63 thin 9sc core i5 gtx 1650maxq with 8gb of ram and it claims to be VR ready, and aparently vanilla skyrim isn't very demanding to begin with. The juddering and hitching could be a hardware problem but the STUTTER is too consistent at 1 second intervals that it has to be software related. My guess is that wirelessly my headset is maintaining connection at that same rate and experiences a hiccup, I dont know if its because its SteamVR cause I've seen a lot of people complain that its the client, or if my issue is that im not playing via wired connection. I dont have a link cable, but if anybody has any and all ideas on how to fix this issue, I would greatly appreciate it. If its necessary, I can try to play a different vr game maybe separate from steamvr if that would help narrow down the problem.

Level 4
For better help in the future, please add some line breaks / enter between lines. It helps us reading and seeing what you tried out.  The block of text is visually distracting to read 😛

When you use a cable, do you have the same stutter?  Wireless is great and even if your network setup is running nearly ideal, you will see some stutters on SteamVR games.  I had similar with HL: Alyx.  When I plugged into my PC (even on a USB2 cable, before I got a Link cable) it worked much better.

Vanilla Skyrim may not be very demanding but compared to VR... VR Skyrim uses quite a bit more resources due to drawing the world with extra layers, depth, etc.

For a control test setting, if you have even a USB2 cable you can play wired with, try that and see if you still have the stutter.  I see your MSI Gf63 is a laptop as well.  Make sure you have the power cord plugged in as performance will drop heavily because it'd in power save mode compared to being plugged into an outlet.

Finally, your 1650 Graphics card might be getting worked pretty heavily for the VR rendering reasons I mentioned.  If you want to start checking for bottlenecks / speed issues on your laptop, you can run a program like HWMonitor (From the team that makes CPUID)
- This will give you very detailed performance readouts for how hot and how high memory and GPU / CPU utilization is.  With that information, you can adjust settings for better performance.

Recap: Try a cable to see if wireless is the issue.  From there, try seeing how heavy your load is when playing Skyrim VR and the like.  VR Ready is more a statement the laptop would work with VR, not that you will have steady framerates.  There are some notes of extra performance hits for SteamVR games but troubleshooting as I mentioned should get you closer to a smooth expereince.  You can also make sure your Nvidia graphic card drivers are on a recent version too.  The laptops tend to ship with much older drivers, if you have not updated those yet.

Good luck and happy limb hacking in Skyrim

Level 3
Try lowering your encode settings until it's smooth. Skyrim is a ten year old game and even older graphics cards should manage 90 FPS without too much difficulty. But older cards do have slower hardware video encoding chips, which cause problems. Maybe not this one. I had some issues with Skyrim VR too, but you should try buying a wifi 6 router (the AX10 by TP-Link is what I have and it works great for VD, cheap too). You can also get a Link-compatible cable for like 20 bucks to compare it wired. I would definitely try doing both of those things. Wireless is amazing but you have to do your research about it. Your problem could be anywhere. Try other PC games. Try Link. If the problem continues it's not Skyrim or Virtual Desktop.

You should go to the Virtual Desktop discord channel, this forum isn't likely to be much help on the topic of Virtual Desktop. Hopefully Oculus releases wireless Link sooner than later (hopefully before Christmas but I'm not holding my breath). The biggest negative to Virtual Desktop is that it doesn't use ASW to smooth out dropped frames, which to me means I will never use it again once Wireless Link is enabled. ASW is the main way that VR headsets guarantee smoothness no matter what happens in a game's rendering engine.

Level 4
I play skyrim vr fully modded on daily basis and it smooth like hell, even trought i play via virtual desktop wireless Q2 to ISS box and wireless box to laptop.
So it might more be a setting here and there that are a problem.

I'm on wifi 5 , with a rtx2070 on i7 just to say.

Level 4
Since even a desktop gtx 1650 is shown as not supported on the Oculus site, I think the 1650maxq might be really too slow for link...try to set graphic setting as low as possible and see if the performance improves