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So, both my USB-cables stop working from one day to the other?

Level 2
A few weeks ago i decided to try oculus link and was very happy to see both of my USB 3.1 Type A cables working perfectly. Now when I try it, none of them work. All other USB 3.0 devices work fine with the same cables but the Quest is 90% of the time not detected or it is detected and shows up in explorer and Oculus Windows app and then after 5 seconds is not detected anymore.
Also in device manager there is an exclamation mark on the USB 3.0 eXtensible host controller and connecting other USB 3.0 devices stop working as well until computer is restarted. I should mention that connecting via USB 2.0 works flawlessly every time, but that doesnt really help Oculus Link.

I find it hard to believe that both cables suddenly broke. At the same time both the quest and the oculus app gets updated. And no other changes has been made to the system, no windows update or anything. That makes me believe that the fault is with the Oculus firmware or the software. Reading these forums and elsewhere it seems like A LOT of people have problems with Oculus Link even using cables with the right specs? Why is the connection issue so hard to fix? Is this just to get people to buy the expensive Oculus Link cable or whats going on here?

Level 4
I experienced something similar yesterday. After successfully using the Quest with an Anker cable for a few days, it suddenly stopped being recognized on the same USB port. It was as if I wasn't plugging anything at all (not even Windows' device manager seemed to show anything). I tried restarting both computer and Quest without success. I had to plug it to the port beside it to get it to work again.