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So let me get this straight

Level 2

Am I to assume every single time there's a new line of Oculus hardware that I'm going to just be told to buy all my games again if I even humor the idea of buying another headset?

As a CV1 owner and now a Quest 2 owner I'm genuinely tempted to return the Quest 2 because being forced to buy my games again or play them with potential misshap from my desktop over wifi is just a big middle finger.

I've already given you 900 dollars because I bought the cv1 that came with an xbox pad and only 2 sensors, I had to buy the touch controllers seperately as well as a third sensor seperately.

It's insane to think after giving you 300 more dollars you want me to ALSO buy my games again cause some dude didn't check a box that says "make my game crossbuy"


Level 15

Many games do support Cross-Buy, but which games are you referring to specifically?


While at the current time th crossbuy features is seemingly controlled exclusively by the developer of the software application, I do agree that Facebook should (at some point, sooner rather than later) make crossbuy an across-the-board platform feature.


I believe there is an official UserVoice forum to submit feature request ideas. It wouldn't surprise me if this request is already there.

Off the top of my head Beat Saber.
I bought the game when it first released and I am not going to pay 30 dollars again for a version of the game that I can't even freely mod, you gotta sideload the mods in and it could potentially make the game unplayable .

I completely agree that Beat Saber should be cross-buy. Especially now that Facebook owns this title (they bought the Dev studio in 2019). There really is no excuse for not having Beat Saber on cross-buy. 

Level 4

It's interesting seeing people trying to act like drama-queens online, especially over a non-issue:


1. You had a CV1, so therefore you have a PCVR-capable computer.

2. Quest can do PCVR with the same compatibility

3. So with 1 and 2 in-mind, you have access to the same exact CV1 games on a Quest

4. Cross-buy is not an issue or involvement here. You don't have to re-purchase anything. The fact is, you bought PCVR games, and you have the same ability to play PCVR games with a Quest headset. Quest standalone and Rift are separate platforms, but PCVR with a Quest is the same as a Rift headset.


Now, if you want to argue about the cross-buy system, then that's a whole separate issue, and really is on the developers themself instead of Oculus. If the developer feels the amount of work to port from PCVR to Quest is large enough to warrant a price for it, then they can disable cross-buy, which is perfectly reasonable (porting from PCVR to Quest is not easy or a push-button). Don't like it? Argue with the developer, or don't buy the game.


Lets take GTA V. I bought it on Xbox 360. Do you think it's reasonable for me to get it for free on Xbox Series X? Both use a controller and play on a game console, and generally play the same, even though they're on different platforms.

@Espionage724 wrote:


1. You had a CV1, so therefore you have a PCVR-capable computer.

2. Quest can do PCVR with the same compatibility



This falsely assumes that Quest users will want to only use their Quest in the same location as their PC.


One of the advantages of using the Quest is its portability. Such as being able to take it on trips, use it outside, or play it at the house of friends/family members. Cross-buy is great in these types of scenarios since we can use the localized version of the App instead of the PCVR version.

Your suggestion also falsely assumes that everyone is having the same experience using Quest as a PCVR HMD. Unfortunately there are those who may not have a pleasant experience using AirLink or Virtual Desktop. Tethering the Quest works great, but for a game like Beat Saber some people may prefer the freedom of going full wireless; especially on the 360 maps.


Lastly, your suggestion also makes the assumption that everyone who had the CV1 still has their original PC in full working order. Which simply isn't the case for each and every user.


In my case, when it is family game night everyone is using one of the devices. So I cannot always tether my Quest 2 over to my PC, since it is usually being used by another family member for some other gaming activities.


It would be nice if I could load up Beat Saber locally inside of Quest without having to re-buy it.


Now I agree that it isn't a HUGE deal, and I certainly don't feel the need to be dramatic about it. I could easily afford buying Beat Saber again for Quest, but to be honest it is more about the principle of the matter. I do feel that Facebook should set a proper tone for their Cross Buy support by ensuring that all VR Apps created by Facebook support Cross Buy.


I do understand the OP's frustration because he has gone through the lengthy experience of being charged top dollar for every piece of hardware over the years. Original Rift CV1 was quite expensive, and didn't have any VR Controllers. The OP is correct that we were charged another $200 for those hand-controllers. And after Quest came out, there have been issues about Software crossover between Quest 1, Quest 2, and Rift (PCVR).


Granted, I understand your point about avoiding the need to be dramatic. I also see how Facebook has given its VR consumers quite a bit of free stuff. When we purchased those $200 hand-controllers, we also received a plethora or free VR Software. Facebook has given us many great opportunities to play free PCVR experiences over the years, and Quest 2 is being sold at an incredibly low price.


Overall, I think the Cross Buy situation of Beat Saber is less about consumers being overly dramatic and more about Facebook maintaining a Standard for Best Practices by ensuring that all of the VR Software they are specifically responsible for supports Cross Buy across all of their devices.