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So when can we expect for 90hz to work again with Link?

Level 4

I reported the issue when it was in beta and was ignored. Now a feature that we paid for is fully removed, when are we getting it back? Can we please make some noise of this online?


Level 6

First fix the crash to desktop.

Level 4

Never had any crash to desktop, nor I've heard about the issue. Might be a problem with your motherboard?

Interesting. It's mentioned by many others though out the V27 thread.

More clearly stated, it's a LINK crash back to quest hiome.

Level 4

I haven't really had that problem (yet). 

One of the lucky ones.

Level 4

Same here, stuck at 72 Hz even when you set it at 90 Hz (or 80 Hz for that matter).

Level 2

I wonder if the support ever responds on these forums at all? Aslo, haven't found any statements from Oculus concerning this problem as well as other bugs introduced in the new firmware which coupled with the fact that all of them were widely reported during the beta stage makes me question the developer's customer orientation. 

I'm seeing rumblings that V28 is actually set to start rolling out at the end of this week.


It is said to contain 120hz and I would expect a fix to the 72hz pc side.


Good stuff coming including in VR phone notifications.