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Solution for three white dots when trying to connect to AMD Ryzen 9 IGPU w/ RTX 3XXX laptop DGPU

Level 2

I have an Oculus Quest 2 and Asus ROG Strix G17 G713 laptop w/ AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX cpu/igpu and RTX3060 dgpu. 64 GB DDR4 CL22 3200 RAM.


I couldn't get Oculus  Air Link or Link to work.


Just three white dots forever loading nothing. So disappointing.  😕


Saw some comments online about issues with RTX3XXX laptops. 


I combed the internet and tried everything. Changing default program settings in Windows for GPU selection changed nothing. 


At first I just disabled the igpu in Device Manager and Link would kind of work. VR performance was unplayable. Stuttering beyond anything useable. 


What eventually worked for me was:


1) Boot PC to Desktop.

2) Disable igpu (not dgpu) in Device Manager.

3) Load Oculus PC App.

4) Enable igpu in Device Manager. 


Good to go. 👌


Instant Half-Life Alyx, Asgard's Wrath, Lone Echo, Boneworks, Onward, Battle Sister, Demeo = Heaven. 


Huge relief after seemingly trying everything. I hadn't thought to re-enable my igpu after loading Oculus. That was the key.


When/if Oculus Tray Tool is loaded has no effect on this process. So if it loads first don't sweat it.


You can plug and unplug the Quest 2 at will afterwards.


Only need to repeat the process if you reboot your PC. 


Hope this helps someone else.


Ps - I have wicked fast WiFi 6 internet w/laptop connected directly. Air Link doesn't perform as well as Link for me. 


Level 2

 happend to me only when i had an external sound(Sound blaster) card pluged in my desktop ..and yeah that 3 dots wouldnt go anywhere unless i unplug the sound card