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Someone with QUEST 2 and X-Plane 11 on Macintosh in this forum ?

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Beginner with my brand new Quest 2 which I already find extremely excellent, I would like to use it to fly on my X-Plane sim, which runs at home on a Macintosh Pro at the end of 2013.

This is no small task on a good athletic gaming PC where you need a fiber optic cable to obtain acceptable visual performance, then my questions are : how to connect, optimize etc etc my Mac config to obtain an admissible result for this fantastic immersion ...


Thank you for answering if you are one of these rare chosen ones and can devote a few minutes to discuss with me!

Virtually yours...  😉


Assuming you are running MacOS on your Mac (I know some can run Windows as well) I think you are going to be out of luck. I'm not aware that the Oculus desktop software (required for Link and Airlink) is available for anything except Windows.

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Volunteer Moderator

Yep, as user_901925786032222 said, the Oculus Desktop software (needed for connecting a Quest 2 to a computer) is Windows only. More specifically Windows 10 (could have trouble trying to get it running on older ones).


But past that there are the CPU/GPU requirements. Here's a list of supported CPUs and GPUs:

The 2013 MacPro has an Intel Xeon E5 CPU. Some users have had trouble with Xeon CPUs with Oculus, but this one seems like it could be ok, maybe. (It should have SSE4.2, which earlier Xeons lacked and Oculus needs)


The bigger issue is the graphics chip. The MacPro had an AMD Firepro D500 or D700. These were custom chips only released for Macs. Oculus Link requires a more modern GPU. In the list they say the 500 works, but that's the 2017 RX 500, not the 2013 D500.


So at a guess, the Oculus software will say the system is incompatible. But I've never tried, so who knows.


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Big thank you guys for your precise answers and unfortunately without much hope for my case ... 😊
Austin Meyer should work with Oculus for X-Plane to have a chance to work one day from X-Plane on MacOS ...
And me, I will have to win the lottery to afford the gaming PC that is only going well to run the X-Plane simulator with an Oculus Quest 2 or later ... 😕