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'Sorry, something went wrong,' everywhere, can't do anything on quest.

Level 2

Hopefully someone can give me some advice, as i'm stumped. 

Basically a friend gave me their quest, so i did a factory restore, so i could pair it to a new account for myself. I hadn't had an account before, so just logged in via facebook as it suggested in the app. Paired it, and it did the updating/setting up from there. 

Now though I have an issue. When i press the home, it just says 'Sorry, something went wrong', If i click on store, it says the same thing. I can't do much of anything. If i select browser, or tv, nothing happens at all. So i'm guessing they have to be installed to be able to work or something. So what am I supposed to do, to get anything to work? 

Also its connected to my wifi (wifi fully working, it even says its connected in the menu part) so that can't be the issue. 

Also if i select friends and such, to see if i can add anyone, it says connect a facebook account....but i signed in WITH the facebook account, so I have no idea why it's saying that. Also i can livestream to facebook, as I tested it. So it's clearly connected. Not sure why it says that if i go to the friends part. 


Basically, I can't do anything atm on the quest, and it's frustrating me to hell. I've done a factory reset a few times now to see if maybe it needed to be done again, but it's just the same every time. Nothing I do seems to make it stop saying 'sorry something went wrong'. 


Please help wah


Level 2

try this just worked for me


For me the problem seemed to be that my phone and oculus were on different wifi's (phone on 2.4ghz and oculus on 5ghz). THe exact steps I took were below, but I suspect this is what the problem was. If it doesn't fix it try the below:

Opening phone App

going to settings -> clicking my oculus quest 2 so it said connected

Clicking the casting icon in top right of screen (it gave me message that they needed to be on same wifi)

Connected them to same wifi and casting now shows connected.

Restarted Quest 2, and viola, no more error messages.

Level 2

Your friend's account is still connected to the Quest 2. You should do a factory reset by restarting the headset holding volume down and choosing "Factory Reset" that appears in that menu.


Edit: You already did that. Disregard this, sorry. Try again maybe?