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Space Pirate Arena - playspace setup

Level 7

Question for those of you using Space Pirate Arena... when you do two players sharing the same physical space... can you describe how the game works with guardian? Do you each have to setup your own half of the play area and thus remain physically on your own half of the physical playspace... or do you both use the whole shared physical space but the game syncs virtual and real space together so you don't physically run into each other?


Level 5

Big troubles with Space Pirate Arena and guardian...


if you are lucky enough both of your Quests have the guardian grid aligned the same way... you will draw a 10mt x 10mt grid on both quests, and you will play in the same space, and you will be physically exactly where i look if i put down the visor, you touch me in the game, you touch me in real world.
If your guardians have different grid orientations, you'll run into issues, because guardian grid orientation cannot be changed!!!! -.-''