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Spatial Anchor storage location inaccessible resulting in the need for a factory reset

Level 2

I have two headsets, one with which several thousand spatial anchors were created (maxing out the anchor limit at some unknown point) and one where none were created. After maxing out the storable anchor data on the first headset, anchors can no longer be saved (interestingly, this also breaks the querying functionality even in the demo scene {in other words, they can't be deleted since they can't be queried}). Uninstalling the game from unknown sources does not seem to properly delete the saved anchor data attached to that game, and as a result, once this limit is reached, there is no way to delete this data from the headset at all.

Using the second headset and the same test builds, new spatial anchors could be created, queried, saved and deleted. Both in the demo scene and using my own scripts.

As it stands, my only option is the factory reset the first headset. This is undesirable.

I am looking for a method of accessing the device storage (which is intentionally inaccessible) in order to delete the spatial anchor data that I can no longer query for.