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Star Strek on Quest

Level 2

I have spend the whole day to install Star Trek Bridge Crew.   I buy it in the Oculus Store, but there was a problem I cannot solve.  It was not possible to connect to UBI Soft. The game requires that. I always got an error.   So I try to buy it on UBI Soft.. But I am not in germany right now and it was not possible to buy it via paypal.. So I try my creditcard.  But the payment provider from UBI Soft sends a small amount to my creditcard to verify it.. My bank does not show it immediatly.  They tell me to call my bank for that to ask for  the amount.. I dont want such stupid things to do. I just want to play a game.  WTF.   Does anyone know about the issue why I cannot connect from my Quest to the UBIsoft account... If my oculus browser open the window to connect to Ubisoft, I got an error message. 


Level 11

when playing via oculus quest 2, you have to allow web browser permission.  I have the game on quest, quest 2, and link.  

You also need to install the ubi-soft client on the desktop on the pc if your playing via link.