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Steam VR crashes oculus link at launch

Level 3

Recently I've been having an extremely infuriating issue with oculus link on my Quest 2. I got this thing about a month and a half ago (march 12th to be exact), and only recently (i.e. a week now) have I been experiencing frustrating issues with Oculus Link.

Prior to this, my setup was relatively simple and it worked perfectly fine; I plugged in the link cable to my PC, then to my headset, then turn on oculus link and everything works fine and dandy, I can do whatever I want.

Recently however, as soon as I even try to launch Steam VR (which is what I use to play VR games, not the oculus store), it crashes the link as if the link had been manually disconnected and I'm kicked back to the main Quest menu. Few seconds later, they prompt me saying I can enable the link again, which I do, and then I'm just face to face with an endless black screen, forcing me to restart or quit Steam VR and hopelessly start over.


This problem has been persisting for the past week and I've otherwise never had this issue before; even trying to launch the games directly from my steam library instead of through the Steam VR menu seems to break the link in a similar fashion, or sometimes just makes them completely unplayable due to tracking complications (sometimes my left controller will inherit the controls of the right one simultaneously for no reason). The only solution I've even come close to was unplugging and then replugging my cable on my PC, which works... only once. After that I have to wait an unspecified amount of time before that trick works again. 

For those who think this is a PC-sided issue, I have an RTX2080ti and i9 7940X CPU, so I'd be damned if my computer is suddenly not strong enough to run games like VRChat and Half-Life: Alyx, which are generally speaking the only 2 VR games I've been playing recently (I was planning on getting more but this issue kinda ruined the opportunity). 

Alternatively, I've heard (and read) everywhere else that this might be a cable issue, to which I find is completely unjustifiable if an officially licensed cable worth over 100$ will stop working after less than 2 months. I'm on the verge of asking for a refund, if possible, so unless this is a software issue waiting to be fixed I'm really not keen on spending more money on this hardware when I could easily just buy something better instead.


FYI, I apologize if I come across as hostile through this post, I was very excited to play with my friends this friday like I usually do and this problem ruined the opportunity for me, so naturally I'm still quite upset while writing this. I hope some of you can relate to this issue and that it gets fixed ASAP by the team working for Oculus.