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Storage Maths

Level 2


I bought an Oculus Quest 2 - 64 GB


11.5 Gb are for the system

31.5 Gb are for the apps

there are no videos or pictures installed

5.5 Gb are of free space


64 - 11,5 - 31,5 - 5,5 = 15.5

this is around 50% of the space used by the apps!!!!

Where are these 15.5 Gb? How are they used?


I am sure I had 7.5 Gb before the update of Space Pirate Trainer to Space Pirate Trainer DX, but I don't think the app size increased of more than 0.3 Gb. So why did it take additional 1.7 Gb from my Oculus???


Can I convert this missing space to free space again? how?