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Stuck in a Facebook oculus login loop of death.

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Tried to login to use my quest 2, app says to log in using Facebook or oculus. I've already merged the two so I click facebook. It takes me to facebook website, which prompts me to login and go back to oculus app. Once I get back to oculus app it asks me to log in using Facebook.

If I go the other route and use oculus log in, it says this account is already merged, please use Facebook login. So I'm stuck. The website and app are both doing the same thing. I cannot play anything because I must be logged into Facebook. Can anyone help? I've used the chat function and the help is no better then "have you tried restarting your pc". Has anyone had this issue or seen a complaint about it? my ticket numbers is 76528


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install facebook apps from playstore/appstore, my oculus apps keep crashing because error while try to intent facebook app that i hadnt installed yet

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey Iqbal, we'd be more than happy to look into this if you haven't reached out to us yet. Please click here to submit a ticket and provide your device serial number. Thanks!

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Hi, I have the same issue, did you find a fix? thanks

install facebook apps from playstore/appstore, my oculus apps keep crashing because error while try to intent facebook app that i hadnt installed yet

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You should contact the Oculus support (use the Chat feature in the bottom right corner here: )

Then write them the following:

Hello. I am stuck in the Oculus/Facebook login loop. Can't use my new Quest 2 device. Please unmerge the accounts so that I can fix that.

I am really frustrated to face the login bug. There are many mentions on the internet of the "login loop" and you still haven't fixed it. Everywhere it says that support should unmerge the oculus and facebook accounts so that they can be apparently merged again but properly...
my email is ???????????????? - for both Oculus and Facebook
the S/N (or order number) for Quest 2 is ID: ?????????????????????


You should get help in a few minutes after that.

TBH I have done a clean clean reboot of my PC. Like reinstalled windows reboot. And I still have an issue with logging in. A multibillion $ company should rush a fix within a week. But still a year out. 

It's easy to not see a problem if people can't even sign in to tell you they have a problem 

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I have found a solution to the "Stuck in a Facebook oculus login loop of death."  


The same thing happened to me. I Downloaded Oculus for Windows.

After it downloads click the repair button.

Screenshot 2022-09-21 183515 oculus repair.png


This will download the oculus software.

Then it will install the software. It will take a few minutes for the installation to finish.

After installation, you may need to reinstall adobe cloud. it will prompt you if you do.

when that is done click on connect with Facebook then continue as you are on Facebook.

I hope this helps someone in the future.