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Stuck on pairing screen

Level 2

When my phone automatically pairs with the quest 2 it gets stuck on the "pairing quest 2" bit. Does anyone know what to do?



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, we understand your Quest 2 is attempting to pair your with your phone but it's stuck. We want you to enjoy your device, so let us get more information.


To assist you in troubleshooting, may you tell me the following below:

  • Is this your initial setup?
  • If not, was it working before and did you do anything different?
  • Are you using a different phone?
  • Have you attempted any troubleshooting steps? If so, send details?





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How do I locate my 5 digit pairing number because I have a new phone?

Hey there, John! Congrats on the new phone! That's always an exciting event and even more so when you can continue to use it for VR. Here, we attached an article we have on pairing your headset. Hope this helps! 🙂

Level 2
  • It’s really easy. Just replace the AA batteries in the controllers  

It’s amazing to me how little these customer service agents know. Then they give you these convoluted pseudo fixes that never work. After replacing the batteries you will now see a blue arrow. Click on it and you’re out

It’s been an hour and it’s still stuck on the “Pairing your Quest 2” screen. I’ve watched videos on it and scrolled through this thread and nothing helped.