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Stuttering in ALL GAMES and MENUS during lateral movement on v26

Level 2

Hey guys


I am on firmware v26 on Quest 2, and since the update I get severe stuttering in all games, and also the main menu, when I move my head laterally. If I stand still and rotate my head around it's fine, but if I physically move up and down, or rock side to side, the stuttering is terrible. I know some people have had a similar issue in the home menu after the update, but this is happening in all games too!

However, when I use the Oculus Link cable it's fine with all games and the Oculus Link home menu; the issue only happens when the Quest 2 is used as a standalone, which is really weird as I can't see why the link cable would help with hardware tracking.


I have tried my friend's Quest 2 who is still on v23, and it's fine, so it must be an issue with v26 I guess.


Based on others suggestions, I have tried:


Factory reset of Quest 2 firmware

Altered the frequency settings using both 50hz and 60hz

Disabled the couch feature


Thanks for any help.



Level 4

If your read this forum, you will see since the V25 upgrade something is broken in the tracking. 🤬

Unfortunately the V26 fixed none of the issues introduced in the V25 (you can check the release note, looks like the dev team ignored the V25 problems).

Let's hope than the dev team will work hard on that very soon. Fingers cross for the V27... 🤞