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Support non existent

Level 2

I bought the oculus Quest 2 14th of september 2021. My Link cable that I bought to play the games I have on steam with, broke down in the first 2 days. I've been trying to get a refund ever since. After asking for an update, or asking what's the status, I have not gotten any replies to my emails from the people supposedly working on my issue. It's been 4 months since I bought my new headset and have not yet been able to use it. 

This week I finally decided to just buy a new Link cable, but i'm gutted that in order to play the games on steam, I've had to pay a total of 200 euros, as my support ticket just isn't being answered to. Even a month ago, I mailed to ask for an update or any information regarding my ticket, but I'm just being ignored. 

The service is appalling, a component I order is not functioning, and I'm just left hanging because no one cares to reply. Terrible service. I hope through here I will still be able to receive the support I need to get my refund at long last.


Level 7

Did you actually purchase the link cable directly from Meta?