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Sweat Solutions?

Level 4
Overall I'm so impressed with the Q2, even just with the standard strap. My biggest complaint though is the "face interface" which absorbs sweat like crazy. It's a horrible design. I've gone so far as to buy an '80's style headband and that helps a lot, but it makes the positioning of the strap a little more difficult. My understanding is that the other facial interfaces are made of the same material, so that doesn't seem to be a solution. Are there any third-party options? Any other ideas about how to avoid getting the facial interface all sweaty?

Oh and a side effect of the sweat problem is the fogging problem. Anyone have a solution for that too?

Level 4
I got the Masiken face cover today, and I guess it fits fine. I wouldn't say it's snug, but I expected it to be tighter. I also expected it to be held in place better. While I haven't given it a full session workout, I think it'll work for now. But I don't think this is going to be a permanent solution. $10 for something until there are some solid third-party options isn't bad though.

Level 2
Great post, I'm definitely in the same boat 🙂
I actually had the same issue with the Playstation 4 VR headset, and the first idea I had was to take a paper towel, fold up and just put it between my forehead and the VR helmet.  After playing a bit the towel needs to be changed, but I can't think of any better way.

Level 11

Level 4
@PITTCANNA I'm not sure that would work with a VR headset, since the interface would press against it and probably defeat the whole flow system.