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Swim effect on the Oculus Quest 2 headset

Level 2

Hello everyone,
I'm developing an application for the Oculus Quest 2, and due to my app logic, I have a delay in the rendering loop between rendering and presenting the frame. This is causing a swim effect on my 3D Objects with my movement. Framerate is stable at 90 FPS.
Application is developed using Oculus Mobile SDK Version 1.46 (not OpenXR).


According to what I've read, ASW 2.0 makes use of the depth buffer information to stabilize the 3D Objects and eliminating this swim effect,

I am now submitting the depth values to OpenGL, but I still have the swim effect.

It could be that ASW 2.0 is not enabled by default, but I could not find any way to enable ASW manually.

Can you provide more insights on this issue ?

Also a more detailed documentation about ASW 2.0 would be really helpful.
Thanks !