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Switching Facebook Accounts works great but not all apps are shared, why?

Level 2

I have setup the Facebook Switch Account. It works great.


However, some Apps are not showing up on my account that I switch too.  All these apps were purchased on the Admin (initial setup) account.  Some that were purchased show up (ie. Virtual Desktop, Boxing, Vadar Immortal) but some do not (Beat Saber and Oculus TV).




Level 8

Oculus allowed developers who had existing games to opt out of sharing before it launched.


They have also said that some games that are not sharable at first may become sharable later, and that eventually "most" games would be sharable.


Going forward any new games are supposed to be sharable.


Unfortunately that means that some games won't be shareable and at this point we don't know which ones those are.


Be aware that a few games for me didn't automatically show up in my list but were still free in the store, so you might just search the store for "free" games and see if any that you purchased are actually available to install.

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Level 4

Comment on why Beat Saber isn't on app share yet:    Bosworth also touched on app sharing, a new Quest feature, and why it isn’t currently available for Beat Saber. “One thing that is very tricky, as it relates to Beat Saber and other music-oriented software, is licensing and how that licensing model works. So we are still looking at this and we will let you know more when we have it.”

So, I had some of my apps working originally, but now I am not having none of the apps showing up on the second account. Is there a workaround for this?

Be sure that the sharing apps setting is On in the admin account