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The Quest 2... What a machine

Level 2
I have to say.. I used to have a HTC Vive back in the days (long time ago) and wanted to get back to VR gaming.
Me being so naïve to think the same company is still the best way to go... I learned my lesson.
If you're interested, my experience with the HTC Cosmos can be found on their forums (can't post links here).

TL;DR; The Quest 2 is a masterpiece. Well made.
Noticed right away that the Quest 2 was way better made than the Cosmos.
With the Cosmos I had constant tracking issues, blurry screens, getting nauseous, etc.
The Quest 2, being a headset that's way cheaper than the Cosmos, outperforms it by far.
Well done Oculus. I'm staying! Cosmos is getting refunded.

Happy gaming!