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Three dots then black screen oculus link

Level 2
So when I plug in my USB 3.0 into my oculus quest. It says enable oculus link and I click enable. After I click that, it shows me three dots and then a black screen pops up. I’m not sure why this is happening. I use the ANKER plug that oculus recommended. I use a nvidia GeForce gtx 1060. I’m really not sure what is happening here, if anybody could help me that would be great.

Level 2
sorry if this may not be helpful. i just think that this info may help lead to the problem, are you trying to use steam vr? if so that nomally happens when it disconncts, and it may happen when you try to load up steam vr before you connect the headset, if not i dont know may be a problem with the wire, the headset, or the computer 

Level 2
I have this same problem with v14, the official cable, a laptop with a dedicated Type C port and a GTX 2060, and a desktop with a GTX 1070. Latest version of Nvidia drivers. Anyone?

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager
Hey, can you gather your diagnostic logs and create a ticket? We're more than willing to look towards assisting with the issue you're having when trying to use Oculus Link. - Principe

Level 2
Just created a ticket, thanks

Level 4
I'm having the same problem with a brand new system and RTX 2080 Super.  Last week it worked, this week I get three dots.  Nothing has changed with my setup.  I'm thinking it's the updated Oculus software.  I'm debating whether I should sell my Quest and get the Rift 2 instead.

Level 2
Wanted to share the solution since it might help others out. I was digging through some posts back from November and saw someone mentioned a file C:\Program Files\Oculus\Support\oculus-runtime\Compatibility.json. In this file I saw a UsbBlackList with a few USB controllers. In particular I saw

"Vendor": "ETron",
"PID": "Any",
"OS": "Any"

After looking at Device Manager I noticed that my motherboard USB 3.0 ports on on a Etron USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller. Luckily I have a PCIe USB 3.0 expansion card and after plugging it into one of those slots Oculus Link works. Hopefully the Link become compatible with more common USB controllers in the future. Hopefully this helps fix the problem...I know there seems to be a few solutions out there that work with varying success.