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Touch Controller 'Grips' break hand tracking

Level 5

Gonna post this here for posterity in case someone else has the same problem. Took me a week to work this out...

So my hand tracking just seemed to never come on. It was especially a problem when working in Unity. Sometimes I had in editor hand-tracking but often not. 
In native Quest2 standalone mode I often had to turn off automatic switching between controller and hand-tracking, in order to ensure that I would have hands in apps that made use of them.
... The problem turns out to be the plastic grips I'd added to the Touch controllers. AMVR and a bunch of other companies make them. They're great for game play (I find the Quest2 controllers too light and too slippy by default) but the additional plastic sleeves seem to be too tight and the sensors on the controller handles think you're still holding on to them, even when you're not... which means hand-tracking never becomes activated.

Took them off and now I get hands in Unity without any problems.