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Touch controllers flickering - Spinning - Jumping - Flying off on Oculus Quest

Level 2
I just got my quest for about a week, first couple of day everything was working fine. but I'm not sure if it's after update 18 but the touch controllers are all jumpy.
I've found online a similar issue but it was with the rift S. I was wondering if anybody is having the same problem on the quest?
I'm linking a video for referance. youtube : G7BbLOjrvII

Level 2
Hi @bobstraux
I have exactly the same issue ... On Beat Saber sometimes my controllers are moving on their own and I can't play.

Level 9
Might sound stupid, but did you try turning your Quest off for a minute or two then turning it back on? This keeps solving the problem for me. I tend to put my Quest into sleep mode rather then turning it off, and occasionally the tracking doesn't work right when it wakes up. But turning the Quest off then back on fixes that. Also, try removing the batteries and putting them in. That may help too. Also, is the play space properly illuminated? And finally, have you tried cleaning the cameras?
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Level 2
I got same thing after playing BS .... now I gotta send it back for  them to look @ it .... then choose if i get a replacement or not it's a bit of a chew on with doing so . But the thing I don't get is it migjt be a REVERBISH'D 1 ' SECOND HAND ! Omg qurst2  coming out sort Quest 1 out first I think !