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Tracking Cuts Out Constantly

Level 3

I have an Oculus Quest 2 and whenever I play on it, the tracking will cut out constantly. I can never go over 10 minutes without losing tracking, but usually it happens every 3-5 minutes, sometimes forcing me to recreate my guardian.


Most of the things people say to do have not worked for me, taking down mirrors, closing curtains, decreasing light, increasing light, clearing guardian history, recreating the boundary, cleaning cameras, restarting the headset, etc..


And I can't move to a different room (the room i play in is the ONLY one with enough space for me to not hit something).


This makes playing any game nearly impossible, and it's so frustrating that there's no reason to have the games that require you to move anymore.


My favorite games require me to have large areas to play in so I don't hit something, like Pavlov Shack and mainly Gorilla Tag, but some games, mainly The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners, are playable, but slightly harder to play. And I don't even play TWDSS much anymore, so I really just have no reason to go on my Quest 2.


I think the problem is the giant tv on the wall in the living room (the only room with enough space), but it's not like I can just out that on and off of the wall whenever I want to play games on my headset.


I'm gonna go over all the rooms in my house and why I can't play in them.

Living Room: The only room with enough space and light, where I play

Dining Room: Table and a bookshelf

Kitchen: Slippery floor, and stuff everywhere.

My Room: Bed and dressers

My Sister's Room: Bed and dressers

Bathroom: ........

My Parent's Room: My parents and their friends are there, and the BED AND DRESSERS


this is the most frustrating thing that's ever happened to me in my entire life and its been going on for OVER A MONTH


Level 2

Mine is doing the same thing and like you have tried all the tips I have found online. It’s frustrating.