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Tracking Lost

Quest 2,


What do Power Outlets have to do with Device Tracking?


What causes my device to randomly lose tracking?


Cool system, but way too many lame irrelevant bugs...


I was sent an unfinished product really.


What is the release date for the next System Update?


Mains power runs at, normally, one of two frequencies; 50 cycles per second or 60 cycles per second. That means the lights in your room are actually flashing 50 or 60 times a second (yes, LED lights my be different). The cameras on your headset scan at a certain frequency as well and if the camera frequency and the lighting frequency aligned the wrong way, the cameras could struggle. That's why the headset prefers to know the frequency of your mains electricity.

And surely an irrelevant bug is one that doesn't matter 😊



The only thing that matters to me after an irrelevant bug, is me getting my money back, and you going back to the drawing board.


What I meant to say was, cool tech demo, waste of money, way too many support operators obsessed with what I should be doing with my mouth, while I wait for something I could describe as, ready for my mouth.


Could you please pick an individual word that describes the park trail that is being shoved down my throat?


So I can learn to appreciate what's coming out of my ass?

Ok devs, a setting that won't be on the oculus that I keep...


If what you said is true, I don't like it.


I would much rather prefer a sensor breakdown status check and config option at boot/wake.

First, and probably most importantly, I'm no sort of Oculus support operator. If you post a question on a community support forum, you're going to get community support. If you want an official response, open a ticket. Good luck with that. I thought I did pretty well explaining the power frequency thing.


Second, if you don't think you are getting value for money, I feel for you. Perhaps you could sell your headset on to someone else with lower expectations.


I'm afraid I've no idea what you mean by "the park trail that is being shoved down my throat". If you can rephrase it, perhaps some other non-Oculus employee more local to you might be able to help.

Support operator, your my hero!