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Level 2

Is anybody else having tracking issues with oculus 2 quest. I’ve added extra light and I have factory reset my oculus 3 times already it does help for a while but still have a lot of problems with tracking anybody have any suggestions 


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Thanks for taking the time to troubleshoot this issue! If you find the problem is persisting past a factory reset, please click here to submit a ticket, we'd like to look into what our next steps may be. Thanks!

Level 2

Ive been having same tracking lost issues, seems a lot of people are...

i get tracking lost error screen on powering up, error message sits there, cant press or do anything till it randomly jumps to home screen or i reboot it again,...Im getting kicked out of games with same error message appears for a few seconds then i get thrown back in the game randomly.

My guardian thinks the floor level is 6 foot below my actual floor, keep having to reset and redraw area until  it decides to default to 6 foot below again.. .right controller regularly wanders off and vanishes for a while too.


Same issue for me on v29 trying to mess with the hz see if that helps. 

Not good Facebook not good !

by any chance did you ever get this issue resolved? as I am starting to have the same issues and have only had the quest 2 for about a month now.

Level 4

Had the same problem since v25 update.  It's a software issue, not a hardware issue.  Facebook staff are very immature in some ways.  Consequently, that same immaturity gets in their own way.