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Trigger needs calibration?

Level 2

I've had a Quest 2 and the right trigger always felt off, and I finally was able to confirm that the trigger doesn't fully register a 100% press when pressed fully, despite physically pressing down just fine.


So far I've unpaired and paired it again, inserted a new battery, made sure the trigger is clean and unobstructed, the controller is completely undamaged, factory restore, etc etc. Everything support said to do in emails, but they stopped responding.
So far, nothing has worked.

With literally any other controller, I could just recalibrate it and it'll be fine, but so far, I haven't found a way to do that.



Here's a video of the raw input from the controller;

both left and right triggers are depressed the same amount, but the right one isn't registering as 100%


Level 3

What program are you using for that. Having issues with mumybleft thumbstick. Is it steam?

It's called Oculus Monitor


Run the program, then link your headset to your PC. Once it connects, it should display your inputs and movements.

Level 3

This probably won't help, but you can try holding it pressed all the way down for a few seconds and a few times in a row. You may have already tried that though. If you are able to launch SteamVR (by allowing unknown apps or whatever), they have a calibration UI where I saw a similar trigger problem clear up after playing around and pressing it like I described.