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Trouble with Netflix being interrupted

Level 5
when watching Netflix I keep having an issue where the lights keep coming back on in the virtual room and the stream gets interrupted. Like, the video gets stopped for a second but the audio keeps playing so that they get out of sync with each other. Not sure if it's movement from the headset or the controllers that is setting this off but it's kinda annoying. I did a factory reset on the quest thinking that might help but it didn't. Any advice on things to try to help me resolve this would be helpful. ?

Level 2
Hi Aidens,
I'm getting the same issue. on my Quest. I also took out the batteries from both controllers. it keeps on doing it. Also i tried to watch Neflix on the Firefox and quest web browsers but it wont let me do it. So i'm back to the TV for Netflix. Experience ruined for now.  

Level 9
If you have Virtual Desktop, you should be able to stream from a browser on your pc to the Quest. It's not as good as a proper fix, but it works.

Level 5
Netflix keeps logging me out on my quest grrr
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