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Two weeks after receiving my Oculus Quest

Level 2
The short story: it's not ready. 

I paid full-price for beta-quality.  I'm getting into all sorts of annoying behaviors that turn out to be fixable, but not in intuitive ways. The most frustrating one was when it got into a loop indicating that it had lost tracking, the Continue button at the bottom of the message was flickering, like being constantly pushed, but neither hand controller was able to click it.  Power-cycle and again same behavior, landing in same unclickable "tracking lost"  box. This was fixed, accidentally, by stepping into a different area in the room, then I got out of the dead loop. Too many glitches of this kind to call this software "release quality". 

Aside from the bugs, I notice the apps are not consistent in their paradigm.  It seems that the API does not force developers to do the same things the same way. In some apps you do A by doing 1, in other you do A by doing 2, and in other apps there's no apparent way to do A.  When Apple offers apps in its store they all exhibit the same predictable paradigms. Apple enforces consistent user experience.  Not the case here.

Time for EBAY.