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Unable to connect to Sidequest Please help

Level 3

Really frustrating.  I have Sidequest but it will not detect my Quest 2.  I have seen videos on YouTube how to do this and they say you need to activate developer mode.  But there is NO option to this in the desktop Oculus App settings?  I have uninstalled and re-installed the Oculus App, but STILL no option showing to activate developer mode, as shown in the YouTube videos?  WHY IS THIS OPTION NOT SHOWING IN MY OCULUS SETTINGS? I have the Oculus app on my iPhone and paired with the Quest 2 via bluetooth, and developer mode shows on the iPhone Oculus app, and activated it.  But Sidequest STILL does not detect the Quest 2.  PLEASE HELP!


Level 12

First did you create a developer account?

after you create and yourself as user in the developer account

1. Turn on your headset get loaded up to the home screen (where you see your apps)
2.Rest the headset on your forehead so you can see your smart phone with the oculus app
3.In the oculus app on your smartphone do the following:

3a.go to settings the active headset more settings

3d. enable developer mode

4.close the oculus smart phone app

5.power cycle the headset to let the change take hold


6 ensure quest adb drivers are installed on the computer
7.Launch side quest and make sure the oculus app on the pc is completely closed out

8.connect your headset to your computer with the headset already on(home screen on quest showing)

9.look in the headset it will ask you if you want to accept the rsa key number XXXXXXX

10click accept and you should be able to connect to sidequest.