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Unable to play gmaes from the oculus home to my oculus Quest 2 using air link

Level 2

Each time i try to launch a game from my PC to try and run it on my quest 2. it says " You have a pending hardware issue that is preventing you from entering VR. Please check that your headset and sensor are connected." 


Although my headset is connected and paired to my PC using an air link. is the air link the problem because it is in beta?


Will I have to buy the cable to play certain games and get sensors?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey Jaded_Tricky, 


There is the possibility that since Air Link is still an experimental feature it might explain why you are experiencing this issue. We do have some helpful hints and more information about Air Link here


There is always the option of using a Link Cable if you wanted to take that route. To use Oculus Link, you'll need a high-quality USB cable. We recommend using a USB 3 C to C with proven performance. You also have the choice to use a third-party cable. While quality can vary across third-party cables, we've tested the Anker cable internally with good results. 


If you have any further questions, be sure to let us know. We are always here for you.