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Unity OVR Player controller not working

Level 2

I am just starting to learn how to develop VR games in unity, I followed these steps to try connecting my quest 2:

- Unity 2020.3

- Getting a developer account in oculus webpage (I don't know if you need to do something in the app, it seems in the past you could switch to developer mode but now that isn't there)

- Created a 3D environment in Unity, and switched build settings to android.

- Imported the Oculus integration package and installed the Oculus XR plugin.

- The project is set to enable Quest 2 VR devices. 

- Deleted the main camera and created an OVRPlayerController

- Added a Character Camera Constraint component to it, and dropped my camera rig into the camera rig slot of the component.

-Connected the QUest2 to the PC with a USB cable, I am able to see my computer desktop and interact with it.

- When I hit "play" the camera doesn't move and the following error shows up. 


Here are the component settings and the script belonging to that line of code.


I have looked at several tutorials but the VR development changes a lot very quickly so if anyone has either a really recent guide or a direct tip on something I could be missing, it would be much appreciated.