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Unknown sources missing in new UI

Level 2
I searched and couldn't find a thread on this. Hard to believe no one else has noticed. It seems when you activate the new UI, the unknown sources tab has disappeared, or at least I can't find it. When you turn off the new UI and reset, the unknown sources tab comes back.

Am I blind? Or is there no way to launch side loaded apps in the new build?

Level 8
it is there. it's just difficult to find, select the 9 boxes icon and then select All Apps (on the left) and if you select All (top right) in the drop down menu its located right at the bottom of that menu

Level 2
You might need to re-enable devloper mode.

Level 3
Can somebody please share a screenshot of where it is located ?

Level 2
You'll have to scroll down after clicking all apps

Level 2
Unknown sources is not accessible any more. My apps are still in the Quest but i have no access to the apps anymore. I have re-enabled my developer mode in my phone app, restarted the quest but no joy! Why do they have to mess around with the settings every time there is an update! It´s so annoying! I need to overcome this as i have a local server installed and i also need my OVR metrics to run!

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
I reinstalled my SideQuest apps to get them to show up again in the Unknown Sources menu. There was a hotfix released a few days ago to address unknown sources issues in v16.

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Level 2
If you have the new UI and have developer mode activated unknown sources is already turned on you just need to scroll down the list to the far right and all sideloaded app will show up there

Level 2
So when I try to activate Developer Feed, it just fails and says "Retry". What should I do?

Level 2
when i go to the apps it shows that there are no unknown sources. How do I play my VR game in the new oculus quest 2?.