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Unsupported Image Dimensions with App Lab submission

Level 3

I have tried dozens of different photos, some just to see if it will accept anything, but the App Submission page for Assets gives me an error of "Unsupported Image Dimensions" for every image I have tried to upload, for Cover Photo, Logo, Hero photo, all of them. I've tried small, low res photos, and also cropped several photos to match the 16:9 ratio, although it doesn't accept anything. Has anybody else had this issue?


Level 4

You ever find out?

Level 4

Make sure to read this:


As for the transparent Logo, I also struggled for a long time but just discovered the dimensions must be 9000x1440, even though it says "Aspect Ration: Variable" and "9000x1440px (max size)" it must be exactly 9000x1440.