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Update v29 and multiple accounts

Level 2

Please help. I can't find a single article on this. I have an Oculus Quest. My wife and daughter also have accounts but I am the admin/device owner. Version 29 came out.  Of course I updated. But my wifes account is the only account that successfully updated in full. Me and my daughters accounts on the other hand did not. They still look the same. We did not gain anything new except the battery indicator. The Oculus apps on all of our phones are the same version as well. In "About" settings on the oculus they are all version 29 but only my wife's changed. 


Level 2

u/Ihavesubscriptions on Reddit found a fix!!!

Here is the step by step:

You need a secondary mobile device (tablet or phone)

1. Set up the device for app sharing as usual
2. power down device
3. set up one of your mobile devices to have the secondary account on it - not paired with the device.
4. go to browse all apps in the store. Change price to free in the drop down at the top
5. purchase a bunch you know for a fact have been purchased on your main. It will queue them up for installation.
6. start up headset and log into secondary accounts and VOILA all the shared apps should show!