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Updates errors

Level 2

Good afternoon, I think I speak for several when I show quite a lot of dissatisfaction with the latest updates of the oculus software (Meta), since the last 3 updates the errors have become a daily thing and I have had to reset my oculus more than 3 times in a week. This is not something normal, as a programmer and developer of independent software, I know and I am sure that they are rushing the release processes as alpha, when they are really beta tests. I'm really annoyed, the oculus is not a cheap toy, and I find it disrespectful to the user the way you say to solve 90% of cases is the factory reset. Not even the lowest-end android cell phone has these drastic and annoying solutions. If they're using modular programming they could fix simple things like the facebook cache error, com.facebook.spatial_pe... simply by acknowledging the error and clearing the cache for it. The same is happening with the guardian system, in case of errors like it has stopped working, simply deactivate it automatically, do not try the entire system due to an error, it really is not difficult to achieve that, I do not understand how a work group that earns fortunes does such difficult simple things.