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Upgrade the memory

Level 2
I'm thinking to invest in Oculus 2 64Gb, is it possible to add more memory in the future if needed?

How many games and content can I squeeze into a 64Gb memory?

Level 4
At the moment there is no micro sd card to increase the capacity for storage maybe a mod way in the future like a modchip for a GameCube is possible but I doubt seeing one in the next 4 years but the Quest 2 has already been jailbroken so maybe an sd card in the form of a external one that plugs into the USB C port is possible some time. If you use a link cable from the Quest 1 or 2 to a PC you can put Rift games that are just like the Quest games but better or run steam games on the PC and run them from the Quest so you can have a 1TB hard drive with all the games you want compared to 64GB, some games are larger to play on the Quest than others but I have the Quest 1 and I have about 30 games on it but mine is the 128GB version and I still have room to play more but if you run out of space you can uninstall old games to install new ones and you can later reinstall any game you have bought - once you buy they are yours for as long as you have the account