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Useless customer service

Level 2

I've submitted a ticket in January because I've got red skin from the facial interface. Nothing happened for weeks as the oculus online store never had the replacement item, so I had to solve it and I bought a silicone cover for it. 

Then in February I realised that the facial interface falls off way too easily. Even just touching it with my small finger makes it falling off of the headset. No cracks or any other damages.

So I've submitted a ticket in February and still no solution. I've received answers from 3-4 or maybe already 5 different persons from Oculus customer service but no solution at all!!!! I've sent all the details, pictures, videos ( they asked me to send ) many many times to them. Nothing happened...

I don't even use my headset as often as I want to because of this issue!

This is now purely a piss take. I spent now over £600 ( headset + accessories + games ). As I've experienced so far, oculus likes you to spend money, but refuses to help and solve issues. This is a shame.... 


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hi @maiazum It looks like your case may have been closed incorrectly. Could you please open a support ticket with us here and we will be happy to continue where we left off. Thanks!