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Using Quest 2 with Microsft Surface Book 3 with a NVIDIA 1660ti Max-Q

Level 2

I'm considering purchasing a Microsoft Surface Book 3 with a NVIDIA 1660ti Max-Q GPU.   Has anyone successfully used their Quest 2 with a  Surface Book 3 and either a link cable or virtual desktop.   Next question.  Has anyone run Flight Simulator in VR on laptop?




Level 2

Sorry. That should read "on Quest 2" and not "on laptop"

You were right the first time! Flight Simulator runs on your laptop but displays on the Quest 2 via a wired or wireless connection. The laptop tends to be the limiting factor. As to whether or not it will run well in VR on your laptop, I have my doubts. If it runs extremely smoothly on your laptop without VR you may be lucky but I run on a desktop RTX2080 and, while almost always smooth enough in VR, areas with lots of building do bring the framerate down quite a bit. It's never unplayable but does start to stutter occasionally.