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V29 Broke tracking on oculus quest 2

Level 3

Hi guys!

I have this problem after updating firmware to V29 all games freeze randomly and the headset losses tracking, factory reset dosent work. is there any way to roll back the firmware officially? 


Level 3

tried other headsets same problem with them too(((( impossible to play 

Level 2

You are not the only one this issue has made my quest 2 unusable and it’s and it’s not good. Come on Facebook sort this issue out. 

Level 2

I have two separate Quest 2 and they both started having this problem with the v29 update. Piling on in hopes this gets immediate attention. We have a small VR gaming gathering this weekend and while I doubt an update will be pushed to fix it any time soon, I'd hate for folks to walk away with a bad impression...

same here  we are organizing a VR gathering to test our free-roam game that we finished today, but its impossible to play it because of the  lost tracking. i thought my be problem was with our game. but this issue is in all oculus games as well( hope this gets fixed fast