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V31 Quest 2 Update Zip

Level 4

My Quest 2 was on V30, and judging from the size (216MB), you'll need to be at least on that version. This is to be sideloaded via adb (guide on Reddit).


The Facebook CDN link is a direct link to the zip from Facebook's servers. Not sure how long it'll last for (it's been 7 hours so far). The Google Drive link is a re-upload of the zip. The SHA256 is what was reported from the Quest logs and matched when I checked (so it's official).


Level 16

Personally I don’t think this is a good idea since you could end up bricking your Q2 and probably would not even work with Q1.  Much better to wait for the proper rollout imho.  You’ll probably also need the v31 update on your pc desktop app as well for updated link and Air Link features.

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Level 3

Thx this worked great,updated with no problems.

Level 9

So did this update your app also ?

The normal routine is  some of the new features may not work unless the app and firmware match ?

Level 3

v31 firmware is officially out and i use the beta app and thats v31,not sure if official version has updated yet