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V37 “Multitasking” Complaint

Level 2

New, not improved 

Outside of VR apps and experiences everything opens as a full window including quick settings and the app library. Also, I may just not remember correctly, but now the entirety of the panel area moves with the task bar instead of them moving independently

This just feels like a massive misstep if they’re supposed to be going for “flexibility” and “multitasking” yet taking away the ability to do something as simple as turning down brightness without completely minimizing the focused 2D app. This just feels like clunky UI. 

Compare it to turning down brightness on a computer (I’m using brightness because it’s easily illustrated but applies to other things such as bluetooth settings, toggling hand tracking or the mic, etc.). Before, we were able to just drag the mouse to the control center on a Mac or the task bar on a PC, click the icon, and adjust a slider without closing, pausing, or changing focus. Now, your forced to go to the full settings app, which automatically minimizes and/or pauses your content, adjust the settings, then to get back you have to open your content again. It’s only made worse by the limit on open 2D apps, not that having the settings fully open in a separate panel is an actual solution. Trivial settings should be conveniently accessible without it interrupting the current task. This seems like basic UI/UX and I’m not even good at UI/UX.


Maybe some of this frustration would be alleviated by some other improvements like a better fullscreen video experience in the browser (just treat them like regular 2D apps with a toggle to black out everything else) or completely free floating panels.


Due to this I literally can't get any windows to multitask. Everything opens into a single window whether multitasking is enabled or not. I can't drag anything from the app launcher to open multiple windows because there's no way I can see since literally every walkthrough has the app drawer and settings open in a pop up above the launcher bar. Apps others have shown running in multitasking mode won't open side by side for me because of this behavior. It recognizes I've enabled it in my settings, but the insanity of this UI apparently makes it impossible to use the feature from what I can tell.


Was it just outright disabled in this update or something? Like the UI suddenly feels like it's HYPER single tasking.

Yeah everything opens in the middle no matter what now. You have to drag windows to the other spots on the dashboard then open another app in order to multitask, otherwise it just takes focus. There’s no more dragging the app icon unfortunately 

I have same problem! It is super annoying, and I haven't figured out how to fix it.

Level 3

I have the same problem on v39 wtf

I have a similar problem. Using the admin account I can multitask and open three 2D windows when I’m in the virtual home space. However, when I switch to another user I can no longer multitask. I had this enabled when it was experimental. But my understanding is that it is no longer a setting and just is on. Is there a reason secondary accounts can’t use multitasking or do I have to turn it on for each account. 

if so, how? It’s no longer under experimental features and doesn’t appear in the search. 

good for you, you can at least multitask I can't multitask even on my admin account


here is a video footage of it:


no idea why this is only happening to me ....