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V37 broken

Level 4

I updated my HMD to V37 and now on windows 10 links lags when i play my pc vr games steam says its good ovr overlay says it good 120fps with 120hz with beat saber and half life alyx but the head set displays a slide show I even moved it down to 72hz ovr overlay was reporting 72fps but the headset was a slide show I've tried different ports. Stand alone none of my games load at first RE4 no, beat saber no, audica once with lag in the single digits then after that no launch. I backed up my saves on my games and deleted all of them and reinstalled them nope I even reset the quest via the recovery menu due to my phone wouldn't reset it. I got it set back up but it still doesn't want to work games load but with bad frame rates and they look like the resolution was lowered I can't record or take screen shots now and to make things worse my quest is out or warranty. The quest also had a guardian issue but that issue fix it self. One last thing with PC VR I wanted to see if it was my windows install having the issues and I borrowed a hp reverb g2 from a friend and it worked fine.