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VRCHAT Drop Out with Link

Level 4

I have an issue that popped up recently where I will be in VRCHAT (Quest 1 running LINK cable) and everything is going well, then it freezes and drops me back into the native Quest home. I click on "Enable Link" and I'm back in VRCHAT... maybe 5 minutes, maybe 30 seconds and poof, I'm back at the Quest home again. I can have that happen 15 to 20 times which makes VRCHAT no fun to play. 😓

The odd thing is that a few months ago I could be on for HOURS with no issues. I mean... I would get on at 8PM and play until 2AM... no problems at all. Now... if I can go 6 minutes I'm amazed. What the heck happened and how do I fix it??? 🤔