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Verifying shader compilation event

Level 2
Currently on Quest (under Unity 2018.4.10) I'm trying to verify that my shaders are actually being compiled when I think they are (ie: glCompileShader() / glLinkProgram()). I have my shader variants set in my project settings but I want to make sure that they are indeed working. I have suspicions that A: unity is deferring the glCompileShader() call, and B: the drivers are doing something sneaky by deferring the real compilation until a triangle with that shader goes into a screen tile. There are plenty of great tools out there that can capture single frames of draw calls (Renderdoc, Snapdragon Profiler, etc.), but are there other ways (perhaps via adb) that these events can be verified on a continuous basis? As in capturing the compilation event on a timeline. Both the glCompileShader() call and the driver compilation event?