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Viewing self created 3D photos and Panoramas in any app on the Quest.

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I find it odd that there isn’t an app to view 3D photos nor panoramas I upload to my Quest. I tried the Quest Viewer and it show the SBS image but doesn’t give the option to view it in 3D. For the panos, it says the jpeg isn’t recognized. Could that be because of file size? I am uploading Mavic 2 Pro panos that are 60+ megs. 

For a viewer that excels in 3d graphics one would think they would have this down pat. And no, I do not want to upload 3d images into Facebook to be viewed. 

Am I missing something? 

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Has anyone found a solution for this? I have my own 3D photos and videos from my Fujifilm W3. I have my own 360 spherical photos and videos from my Ricoh Theta. I would really like to view my media on my Quest. Any suggestions?
Thank you, Dave

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Volunteer Moderator
I'm surprised this isn't a default Quest ability too.

From my brief testing, Whirligig for the Rift does this pretty well so if you Link your Quest that would be one way to do it... the supplied USB cable is good enough in this instance as it's not a demanding app. The app allows adjustment of separation, side-by-side/over-under etc etc and saves the setting for each photo. The developer has said he's working on a Quest version but that seems to have been ongoing for some time.

Skybox developer has also said that a photo gallery is on their to-do list of features to add:

So hopefully we'll have something before too long.

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That IS interesting.

It's easy to do on Rift and Rift S using Virtual Desktop.

It's easy to do on GearVR and Go through a VARIETY of different apps.

I don't think there is as of yet a way to do this easily on Quest, however, if the content is hosted through a web browser I do believe Oculus Browser can switch to SBS 3D and 360 modes.

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As of firmware version 23, I was able to get this working well enough to have fun with it. I tested this approach with 360 "Photosphere" images from my Pixel phone, as well as "3x3 Panorama" images from my Osmo pocket. Here are the steps to view in VR.

1. Set your phone up to automatically back up your photos to Google Photos (other online photo services should also work, in theory)
2. Fire up the built-in browser on the Quest 2, and go to (you will have to sign in)
3. Find a Photosphere or panorama image. Click "download".
4. Repeat step 3 for any/all images you want to view in VR.
5. Hit the Oculus button and switch from the browser to the built-in TV app.
6. Click on "Your Media". It may take a few moments, but your downloaded photos should appear there shortly.
7. If the image does not start in "VR mode", click the "A" button to open the overlay menu, and find the option to change how the photo is rendered. It may just say "2D", or it may show a list of options. Choose the 360 or 180 option, and you should get a decent VR effect on your photos.

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I recommend trying SENTIO VR


A platform where you can upload 360 panoramas, edit the tours with features, and then view it on the Oculus Quest 2 App via App Lab.

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I have a Fujifilm Finepix Real 3D camera which takes pictures as MPO files (as does the iPhone 3D Photo app).  The Pigusus VR Media Player app for the Oculus will view these photos in the native MPO format without having to convert them to side-by-side images, and is very convenient for going through a file of 3D MPO images and viewing them as you would work through a file of 2D images on a PC.  It will also view any side-by-side images you may have.  The Pigusus app is not free, but it is inexpensive (currently under $10).

The Pigusus app will not directly play the 3D AVI Video files created by the Fujifilm camera, however, there is a workaround.  The 3D AVI files can be edited and exported as side-by-side video files with the free StereoMovie Maker app for PC (stvmkre), and these side-by-side files can be viewed on Pigusus.  

Note that there is also a free StereoPhoto Maker (stphmkre) application for PC by the same company that can be used to edit your 3D photos or create 3D photos from individual side-by-side photos.

It would be nice if Oculus had native support for MPOs, but this appears not to be the case.

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Hiya, little bit late to the party but I used to do this with a program called Panorama Stitcher on the Mac. I could then send back to my phone and upload to google maps for viewing on the Wander app.

I could also upload to Facebook and also transfer via USB straight to my oculus to view it there in a high quality..

I did find Pigasus and it is now how I view all my 3D photos and videos. The post from Z-Bolt is very helpful.


Thank you