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Virtual Desktop won't display on Air link

Level 2

I'm hoping someone can help me. I've set up air link on my Quest 2 but virtual Desktop won't display my laptop screen. If move the controller around the mouse on my laptop will move but inside the headset it's just blank.


I can open a Desktop tab within the headset and that will display that window but I can't run anything from it, for example I can select steam as long as steam is open on my laptop and it'll display but if I select a vr game there is no way for me to open it



Also I have an issue and I'm not sure if its related but apparently my laptop doesn't meet the minimum specs so I got a big warning banner at the bottom of my headset display that I can't get rid of


My laptop has a 10th gen I7 processor, RTX3070 and 32gb ram so it's way above the minimum specs.


Can anyone help me, I just want to play a little boneworks