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Virtual Environments tab missing after Factory Reset

Level 2
Hi can anyone help me figure out why I’m not seeing my “Virtual Environments” tab in my settings after doing a Factory Reset.  Looks like I have the latest OS (v13) installed.  Everything else is working except for virtual environments. Very confusing please advice. Thank you in advance

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager
Hey everyone - I checked in with the team on this and they made some adjustments this morning that should help. If you are no longer seeing the Environment options, can you please reboot your headset a time or two? If you still cannot see this option after a couple reboots, please comment here so we can investigate more deeply. Thanks!

Level 2
I was missing my tab under settings for the virtual environments, but a reset (holding down the power button until white light) restored it for me. Currently running v13.