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Volume rocker doesn't work in Oculus Browser WebXR+WebRTC apps.

Level 2

At work, I build a social VR app that runs in the web browser. In Oculus Browser, when both the WebXR and WebRTC sessions are active, the volume rocker on the headset no longer works to control the master audio volume.


If I exit the WebXR session, or I try to control the volume before connection the teleconferencing session, the volume control works. I also tried this in Mozilla Hubs and see that they have the same issue. I also have a Windows MR headset and a keyboard with volume control buttons, and the volume control works there just fine. But I see that on the Quest, the volume rocker does not send an AudioVolumeUp/AudioVolumeDown key event to the browser.


Any ideas? Most of the time, users don't notice that the volume is not to their liking until they've entered the app and start talking to other users. This seems like a bug in Oculus Browser.