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Warning about RV WAVE that falsely advertises they have prescription lenses for the Quest 2.

Level 3
I don't want to see you guys end up scratching your precious Oculus Quest lenses by buying prescription lenses from VR WAVE.  I bought the prescription lenses for the Quest 2 as they advertised they were for the Quest 2 -- they are definitely not!   If you push them on hard enough, they will just fit, but will block the outer parts of the original lenses.   Turns out they are for the Quest 1 or the Rift .  They don't quite fit and will end up covering the edges and scratching your Quest 2 original optic lenses. Also, the magnets have no power to stay on the bases and they are so wide, there's no room for your nose without being crushed between the add on magnetic bases . Keep away.  Oculus works with a company on their website that has them for the Quest 2 and I know Oculus will stand behind them.   The VR Wave company turns out is in Hong Kong, not in North America as they make you think they are.  I can't warn you enough to stay away, and they won't refund my money either.